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Tired of looking at those dark streaks on your roof? This unsightly discoloration can safely be cleaned by our professional roof cleaning in Logan County Oh without the damage caused by power washing. 

We can rid your shingles of the damaging bacteria (called Gloeocapsa Magma), moss, and lichen that feeds on your roof and causes those dark streaks. Soft washing your roof has more than one benefit too. Dirty roofs hold more heat from the sun, potentially causing your energy bills to rise as the cooling system works overtime.

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Save Thousands of Dollars With Our Ohio's Professional Roof Cleaning Services

Childress Exterior Cleaning & Restoration’s roof cleaning serviceuse a process that is 100% no-pressure, safe and instantly effective.

We use the only process recommended by ARMA so it can clean your roof without voiding your warranty or insurance. Your home’s roof will be treated with our detergent blend and applied at garden hose pressure, so no pressure washer is ever used to clean your roof.

We offer roof washing treatments for both residential and commercial properties. All work is guaranteed.

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