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Are you looking for the best power washing in Logan County OH? Do you want an optimal cleaning at the fastest possible time?

Don’t risk damage to your valuable property through incorrect power washing techniques. You can trust the professionals at Childress Exterior Cleaning & Restoration to clean your home’s surfaces with the correct chemicals, applied without damage.

Our cleaning solutions are faster, effective, safer, and affordable. We will not only clean the dirt and dust, but we will also create a healthy environment for the well being of your family.

Soft Washing in Logan County OH​​

Childress Exterior Cleaning & Restoration specializes in power washing and soft washing services in Logan County OH. Incorrect power washing techniques have a risk to damage your valuable property.

We can clean and remove stains from stucco, dryvit, cedar shake, vinyl, limestone, and any other building exterior with our gentle soft wash techniques. We clean your home with soft washing machines and detergents instead of using an outdated, damaging high-pressure method.

Our skilled professionals can wash and clean the dirt of your entire area without damaging your property.

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Our Ohio's Power washing Services


Power washing can clean your awning with our conventional cleaning methods for a more effective fast result. We use special soft washing equipment and detergents to gently remove discoloration and organic growth from your awnings. Our skilled professionals can remove all the dirt and wash your awning to make it look good as new. 

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Proper gutter cleaning can prolong the life of your gutter.  Your gutter needs regular maintenance and cleaning to maintain and avoid any replacement cost. We use a scrub brush and professional gutter brightening solution to get your gutters as clean and bright as possible! 

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Power washing can be used for paver cleaning. With us, the cleaning will be safe. We only use proper pressure for various areas to avoid any damage to your paver. We understand pavers need detailed attention while cleaning. Our team will take extra effort to offer safe and effective cleaning.

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We use low-pressure power washing for fence cleaning. Low pressure will not exert maximum pressure so, there will be no fear of damages. Soft-washing can clean stains, odors, dust, mold, and mildew. We will boost the longevity and efficiency of your roof with regular cleaning.

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We offer rust removal for our residential and commercial customers. Power washing will offer a high degree of effectiveness for rust removal. A combination of industrial chemicals and good old fashion scrubbing will remove rust stains from your siding or concrete. 

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For your deck cleaning, soft washing is the best solution and we have the proper techniques and know-how to complete any deck cleaning needs. Soft-washing your deck can clean stains, odors, dust, mold, and mildew. We will boost the longevity and efficiency of your deck with regular cleaning. Your surface will receive optimal cleaning based on whatever needs there are with the most professional care.

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Best Exterior Cleaning Power Washing in Logan County OH You Can Trust!

Childress Exterior Cleaning is well known for its exterior power washing services in Logan County OH. We clean and restore a wide variety of exterior surfaces with our safe soft washing system.

If you need something a little stronger, our Logan County power washing system will rid your concrete surfaces of organic growth, dirt, oil, rust, and other stains.

We are the best choice in Northwest and Central Ohio for exterior cleaning services.

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