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Childress Exterior Cleaning is well known for its house washing service in Logan County OH, cleaning a wide variety of exterior surfaces with our safe soft-washing system. A house washing should clean and sanitize your exterior, getting rid of dirt, grime, pollution, bird droppings, insects, mold, mildew, and bacteria. Our soft-washing process utilizes the latest technology to safely clean your house.

Our house washing in Logan County will freshen up the exterior part of your property and add value to your home. By hiring our professional house washing company in Logan County, you will have better outcomes and avoid significant and costly damages to your home.

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The Dangers Of House Washing Logan County OH

There are many dangers that are associated with house washing in Logan County OH. The issues with using “high psi” when washing a home is the structural damage that could potentially occur from using high pressure on the siding, chipping paint, destroying window seals, removing oxidation, and more.

House washing is safer when soft-wash technology is used because the process involves gentle pressure that relies on a special blend of detergents to safely clean. Unlike a traditional high-pressure house washing, vinyl siding and most other exterior surfaces benefit from a professional soft-wash that eliminates any danger of damage to underlying materials.

Consider hiring only professional house washing services to avoid  significant and costly damages to your home.

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Vinyl Siding Cleaning

If you have a vinyl siding home, it can easily start looking dirty or dingy due to weather changes. Things such as moss and algae growing on the exterior part of your home will cause long term damages to your property. Keep your exterior siding to keep your home clean at all times.

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Brick Siding Cleaning

Failure to use proper brick house cleaning techniques increases the chances of damages to bricks. We use modern equipment and environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions to remove things such as mold, mildew, and pollen on your brick siding.

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Hardie Board House Washing

Wooden surfaces are prone to damage from a high-pressure washing. We use the right amount of pressure to get rid of dirt effectively with no damage to your property. We have the right equipment to get the work done quickly and tailored to your Hardie board specifications.

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